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The big game is rapidly approaching. After the Bison punched their ticket to the big dance, Bison Nation went to get their own tickets to the FCS National Championship game. Some more successfully than others. Now people from the across the country are flocking to Frisco.

FCS Championship Live Free

There’s always a Bison fan at Herd and Horns in Fargo. This year Matt and Malinda Olhoft will cheer on the Bison from afar. In that past they’ve made the trip to Frisco. They say the previous trips were a blast. But they say when trying to get to this year’s game you’re at the mercy of the ticket masters.

Some have lucked out. We caught up with Robert and Deanne Markus in Kansas City, Missouri. They scored last minute standing room only seats to support their daughter Amanda, who is in the NDSU Gold Star Marching Band.

Some are flying to get a new perspective on Frisco.

Peder Olson won a championship with the Bison before transferring to St. Thomas. His brother is still on the team, he got student tickets.

“It will be different to see it from the other point of view, besides being a player down there.” Said Olson.

But, not everyone has been so lucky. Scott Ekstrom, an NDSU alum, has made it to every game, that he’s been able to.

“First one I was getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan, sitting at Fort Benning Georgia. I watched the title game on TV. The second game I watched it, found a TV with ESPN, two I think it was, in Kabul Afghanistan.” Said Ekstrom.

He’s been in the Air Force for 22 years and says grandma’s got the kids while he and his wife will be flying to Frisco. Only question now is can they get into the game?

“Trying to do some bids on ‘Flashseats’, trying to see if we can get some reasonable prices.” Ekstrom said.

As the Fargo faithful know tickets to Frisco are a hot commodity.

A former team booster said this year has been the hardest year to get tickets in decades. Ekstrom said the most expensive ticket he saw was over $2,000. However most are selling for a few hundred on secondary market sites.

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